Monday, September 28, 2009

Mike's Poem

My great buddy Michael Ward and I at our fundraiser for the Last Hill Before Home at Le Scorpion in Los Angeles.

For those of you who missed it...Below is Mike's poem that he read at the "7 Views" photography exhibit benefit and auction at 111 Minna in San Francisco on Saturday, September 19th. His poem was inspired by two things. One, he wrote the poem as a if he were me. He got the content from stories that we shared as we rode our bikes from Panama City, Panama to the border of Costa Rica. It was an amazing 2 weeks that we spent together and a time that I will never forget. Two, he got inspiration from the photo above. The photo above I took while walking across Spain on the Camino de Santigo. It is one of my faviorte photos from my journey and this poem was inspired by that. The trip and this fundraiser has been a life changing experience for that I will never forget. Hewas able to put this amazing story to life through his poem.
Mike...Thank you so much for the poem and having the courage to stand up in front of a room full of strangers to deliever it. It was an amazing thing to do. Much love...

Born as a simple thought in my mind
A fantasy to leave the daily grind
I poured my energy into this thought
Becoming detached from things I’d bought
Life is not about the big tv
Or these thousand count sheets
So much more for me to see
Beyond these crowded streets
So strong was this thought
It eventually became real
I sold off most possessions
I listened to what I feel
With no idea what I was going to find
I knew I had to leave it all behind
Setting out into the great unknown
How can I describe all the things I’ve been shown?
I walked the world for over a year
Through many lessons
it became very clear
The trip was the beginning
Rather than an end
From all corners of the world
I made many a friend
The places the people
Each playing a part
Teaching me in life
You must follow your heart
I realized that no matter
Where my shadow may fall
That I am
We Are
A part of it all.
With one world
One people
One sky up above
In spite of our differences
We share One Love
Little by little
I began to see
The trip was about more
Than just me
It played in my head
Like the words of a song
“give back to that which I belong”
Scary and crazy it would seem
But I felt my calling,
It became my dream
My vision was born
In piece and bit
When it came together
I knew this was it
All of my travels
Brought me here
At a moment in time
It all became clear
Many of days
My shadow stretched long
Each step I took
Was a verse to this song
It took the world
For me to roam
So together
We could climb
The Last Hill Before Home!

Peace, Power and Pedal

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