Thursday, August 13, 2009

The photographer's...

Hola Amigos!

I hope this email reaches you all in good spirits. I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you all for you amazing photographs for the 7 Views photo exhibit benefit and auction. It has been an absolute pleasure to see all of your amazing photography. Now that I have all 7 of your photo's I thought it would be a good time to make a proper intro. Below you will find the names of the photographers with web pages and facebook links. If you got a second you should check out each others web pages. This event is going to be amazing and I can't even begin to thank you all for your amazing donations. Its all going to such a great cause and together were going to raise the remaining $4,000 to build this school for the 400 children who live on $2 a day in Guatemala.

Tom Robinson

I met Tom on a slow boat ride on the Mekong river in Laos. Tom and his girlfriend Verity were doing an around the world trip and we were able to spend a few days sightseeing and taking some cool photos together in Northern Laos. Tom and His girlfriend live in London, UK.

Joshua Rapp

My Cousin! My cousin and I had an opportunity to do some travelling together in Germany, Austria, Prague and Slovakia last summer. I think the best time we had together was discovering the beer halls in Bratislava or taking his dog, Adonis, for walks in Munich's main parks. He needs to get a website up ASAP! He's got some great black and white pics from Korea to Germany to small towns in the good ol USA! Josh is a meteorologist for the US Air force and he has just moved to Seoul, Korea.

Wei Hu

Where in the world is Wei??? I met Wei in a cool ass Riad in Morocco. We kicked it a few times in between side trips to the coast or hiking in the Atlas mountain range. Wei was also on an around the world trip. Originally Wei is from Kansas, USA and he pursued his dream to travel around the world. I think Wei is somewhere in Vietnam but his current plans are to set up shop in Shanghai, China before heading back home.

Brian Kelleher

Brian brings a unique perspective to the show. He has submitted 7 black and white pictures of punk shows from various places. Its a great addition. I can't wait to see the descriptions! Brian and I met in Pai Thailand. Pai is a cool little town in Northern Thailand. Days we spent lounging around by the small river and checking out the various food stalls in this cool little town. Brian, from Ireland, is somewhere in the Australian outback at the moment trying to wait out the economic crises! Good luck!

Lisa Howard

I also met Lisa in Pai. Lisa, the only woman in our group, brings an exceptional viewpoint to the exhibit. Her pictures are amazing and her passion for adventure and travel really come through on her work. We spend long evenings in Pai trying to get the perfect shot of the bamboo bridge across the river. Lisa, from Australia, is spending some time in New Zealand doing exceptional work for the environment! thanks for the addition Lisa...we appreciate it! Lisa and her partner in crime, Adam, have an amazing web page. Check it out!

Rishi Oswal

Rishi and I spent a few days hanging out in a small ashram in the state of Kerela, India. He's photo's from his travels in India are passionate and inspiring. He shoots weddings to pay the bills but his love for photography is expressed is in his work. He currently lives in LA but he says he plans on moving to San Francisco soon. Alright...another travel buddy in the Bay! He's also going to try to make the show in September.

Aaron Zukoski

My pictures are quite up to all know my story!



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